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Company selection
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Accounting should not be a burden to you, but it should help you.
That is why we have created the Client Zone that will change your business’s complicated records into clear and transparent data.

You can keep track

Always Up-to-date Information

No more unpleasant surprises. The Client Zone displays the current amount of VAT and income tax.

Automatic Notifications

The Client Zone automatically tracks invoice due date and it notifies you before the due date via an SMS or an e-mail.

Ready for the Future

Bank accounts interconnection, online chat with the accountant or customised widgets will make your day easier and more pleasant.

Costs and Revenues Overview

Month-to-month costs or revenues analysis and their comparison with previous periods.

Receivables and Payables Overview

Quick overview of what your money is spent on and where your profit comes from. Back-to-back respective data comparison by month.

Business Results Graph

A clearly arranged comparison how well you did in two or more years. Simple identification of strong and weak periods.


All Client Zone


All Businesses
at a Single Place

Display of all your businesses on the homepage. You can view accounting details of the selected company at one click.

Business Results

Clear tracking of how well you are doing this year compared to previous years. Simple identification of strong and weak periods.

Costs and Revenues

Month-to-month costs or revenues analysis and their comparison with previous periods.

and Payables Overview

Quick overview of where you earn and what you spend money on. Back-to-back data comparison by month.

VAT Tracking

Continuous tracking of due VAT from the 1st day of the month until the current day. Accounting documents are always archived after submitting the tax return.

Income Tax Tracking

Continuous tracking of due income tax from the 1st day of the month until the current day. Accounting documents are always archived after submitting the tax return.

Bank Interconnection

Fully automatic online communication with your bank. Automatic pairing of payments with payables and receivables.

Date Filter

Practical selected due date filter. Simple period specification to display the documents.

Document Detail

Each document has a detailed view. The detail contains a QR code for payment, an option to mark the document as paid, an option to chat online with the accountant, basic information about the document, invoice/document scan and the overview of the realised payments.

Document Payments

Overview of payments belonging to the selected document. In case of long-term liabilities such as loans, the principal sum payments are displayed.

Batch Payments

Generating batch payment for the bank directly in the Client Zone. Simply select the bank account and the payables and the system creates a SEPA order for you.

Summary Payment
of Invoice from
a Single Supplier

Payment of more invoices to a single supplier with an option to join the payments into a single payment to save time and bank fees. The Client Zone sends an email with a PDF or CSV report after making the payment.

Marking the Document
as Paid

An option to mark the document as paid – fully or partially – to always keep track of payables regardless of whether the bank account statement has been sent for processing.

Live Chat
with the Accountant

You can find the name of the accountant processing the document at each document with an option of instant communication. Direct chat with the accountant increases clarity and efficiency of the communication.

Document Upload

There are two ways to upload documents into the Client Zone: by uploading the document directly from a computer or by sending the document to an assigned email. While sending the documents via e-mail (e.g. by suppliers), they are uploaded into the system automatically and in accordance with the currently prepared Accounting Law amendment.

Receivables Tracking

Chronological overview of receivables at a single place with a supplier, due date and payment filter. Quick full-text search. Total row to track which business partner is overdue with their payment or which one has become risky.

or Payables Detail

Each payable or receivable detail display. After clicking, detailed information about the document is displayed, such as its scan, an option to chat with the accountant, as well as overview of the payments connected.

Chronological Overview

Clear display of complex accounting in respective years. You will not get lost in your businesses’ records in the Client Zone.


SMS or e-mail notifications with upcoming payables due date. An option to set up time and a number of days before or after due date for the Client Zone to notify you.

Documents Overview

Overview of the documents uploaded into the system and easy check on the status of each document processing.


You can avoid accidental payments by necessary payable approval before the payment.


How the Client Zone

Demo version
Upload your documents

Simply upload your documents directly in the online zone or via e-mail.

We process them

We take care of correct processing of all documents.

Make the payments

You can simply open the document in the zone and pay, for instance, by using the QR code.

I previously cooperated with aMusevity®, s. r. o. while I was a freelance and I was absolutely satisfied.
While choosing an accounting firm for our limited company, they were therefore an obvious choice. I have recommended aMusevity®, s. r. o. to my acquaintances and they are very grateful for that. We need a strong and trustworthy partner knowledgeable in accounting processing in order to fully dedicate our time to leading our company. We are glad that aMusevity®, s. r. o. is our partner.

Martin Molokáč
Comfort services, s. r. o.

We have been cooperating with aMusevity®, s. r. o for many long years already. We have entered Slovak market in the field of car wash.
aMusevity®, s. r. o has provided us with professional accounting support and they process all our accounting. They have helped us to find optimisation of our operations and to save costs in administration and finance. We would like to highlight the most professional approach and knowledge of all employees and the leadership of this company in personal dealing as well as for us ‘remote’ phone and e-mail communication. It is clear that the dynamics of aMusevity®, s. r. o is on the rise and they are constantly trying to be closer to their clients – for instance by their remote access and the client portal, new webpage and so on. We really appreciate the cooperation and we give them 5 stars out of 5. ☺

Jakub Málek, Leoš Tabara, Jan Málek
TM WASH s.r.o.

When we were starting our company, we had no idea about our accounting and we were very much afraid. Now, after 4 years of cooperation, we still have no idea about our accounting, but we are no longer afraid, because we have our aMusevity accountants.

Vladimír Píš
Pressburg Shoemakers s.r.o. - Chief Drinkig Officer

Excellent cooperation and client approach, professional advisory in the field of accounting, HR and payroll, prompt reactions and fair prices for the services offered.

Michal Černický
Kniland, s. r. o. - executive director

We have been cooperating with aMusevity® for over a year now and everything works out to our utmost satisfaction. The accounting processing is flawless, clearly arranged and all the inquiries and requests are immediately answered and fulfilled. Thank you!

Jan Tichý
ELB s.r.o. - executive director

I will definitely recommend your company further if I have the opportunity to recommend it to somebody. I have been really nicely surprised by your professional approach. Frankly, based on my experience, few companies even in the ‘west’ (Germany or Switzerland) have such approach, willingness or communication with clients like you ?. Thank you once again for trouble-free administration of all our inquiries and matters.

Adriana Gutzmann
Xencore s. r. o. - HR Manager

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to write to us.


VAT Check

Do you know what your VAT deductions and tax obligations are composed of exactly? You can have a practical overview at your disposal with the Client Zone tools.


Invoice Issuing

Do you know how to issue an invoice correctly? The Client Zone tools will provide you with a detailed and simple guide.


Satisfied Clients

It does not matter whether you are an international corporation or a local freelance. All our clients are provided with personal approach and tools that enable them to grow further.

How long is the cooperation contract valid for?

The contract is valid for an indefinite period of time with a two-month notice period.

Can you provide me with a virtual seat if needed?

Yes, in case of interest, we can provide you with a virtual seat at the address of our business premises Pasienková 2/D, 821 06, Bratislava or at the address Panónska cesta 17, 851 01, Bratislava, in the building of the City University of Seattle.

Do you also found new companies?

Our company does not found new limited (s.r.o.) companies.

What do you need in order to take over the accounting from the previous accounting company?

When migrating to us, it is necessary to deliver the following documents and accounting statements:
- liabilities book,
- receivables book,
- accounts stocktaking,
- property stocktaking,
- journal in XLS,
- latest income tax return including calculation and documentation regarding deductible and non-deductible items and non-fiscal costs,
- if the current company processes your accounting in Pohoda software, it is always an advantage if they provide respective years backups from the software.

When can we start cooperation?

The date of cooperation start is always determined after mutual agreement. In reality, the cooperation start date is often affected by the date of documentation delivery from the previous accounting company.

How much do I pay for accounting?

You can calculate expected regular accounting costs by entering some basic data or you can contact us to prepare a price offer. We issue an invoice for an agreed monthly fee each month and we provide a quarterly statement for all services provided and invoice possible outstanding amount. The minimum monthly accounting fee is €40 + VAT for a real person and €50 + VAT for a legal person. You can find our current pricelist here

Do you file a tax return for me? How much would I pay?

Of course, we file a tax return for you. The price for filling in the tax return can be found in our pricelist.

How often should I send the documents?

It is necessary to send the documents continuously, at least once a week. The documents are by priority sent by uploading to the Client Zone or by e-mail. We recommend using the option to send the documents directly from your suppliers to the Client Zone using a unique e-mail address, which you receive immediately after becoming our client.

Can I send the documents by post?

Yes, you can send documents by post to our company address Bieloruská 33, 821 06, Bratislava, or to the address of our business premises Pasienková 2/D, 821 06, Bratislava.

How often can you provide me with accounting outcomes?

You have most of your accounting data available via the Client Zone: receivables and payables status, cash and bank accounts status. You can find more information on the Client Zone here